Leaning more on the controlling side, it is weird for me to see how much I love milk paint.  It is its own animal in a lot of ways-you get subtle streaks of different pigments and the best part: it distresses how it wants.  Granted, there are ways to prep a piece and bonding agents you can use, but in the end, I like to do a quick light sanding and wait and see what this animal I call milk paint decides to do on her own.  Here is the latest piece: a pair of Ethan Allen nesting tables done in Miss Mustard Seed’s Artissimo, sealed and finished with Minwax clear furniture wax.  If you love to redo furniture, I cannot recommend Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint. It is versatile, surprising and completely VOC free, making it an excellent and healthy choice for decorating your home.


Before: the top had a couple of heat marks and imperfections, but you can tell there was still quite a bit of sheen on the finish, the kind surface that makes flaking most likely.


Nesting tables doing what they do best: nesting


A close-up shot of some areas that flaked all on their own.

IMG_3744 IMG_3746

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