The Amalie

Leaning more on the controlling side, it is weird for me to see how much I love milk paint.  It is its own animal in a lot of ways-you get subtle streaks of different pigments and the best part: it distresses how it wants.  Granted, there are ways to prep a piece and bonding agents […]

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The Godfrey

  Seven months ago, a client contacted me about a piece of furniture she had that she was unable to sell on Craigslist.  I have yet to see another piece quite like it, and believe me, I spent many hours turned into nights searching to find something remotely close to this piece.  I sought antique […]

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The Rugnold

A late night discussion once happened where we unearthed the names of my husband’s great aunt’s name, Rugnold.  No one dared name their daughter after her, but I knew I could at least name the right kind of piece after her-the name was just too good, too strong to pass by. I happened upon this […]

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Minty Sewing Table

Sewing tables are a great way to repurpose and are so diverse they can be used as nightstands, side tables, entry tables, you name it! They are especially useful if you have a high bed and find your bed is substantially higher than your nightstand.  Surprisingly, I had yet to experiment with chalk paint- for […]

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The White Wonderland Bench

Every year the family on my husband’s side draws names for Christmas gifts. We have a plethora of talent amongst us, so we decided instead of having a certain dollar amount to spend on a gift, it just has to be something handmade (rules are not strictly enforced, though, because we all know you can’t […]

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The Carla Bee

When my youngest ray of sunshine began to show signs of mobility, my mind went to the mother bear child preservation realm and returned with one glaring area that needed mending: the kitchen. The baker’s rack I was using was most certainly going to turn into a baby’s playground and discovery museum if I didn’t […]

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