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The Amalie

Leaning more on the controlling side, it is weird for me to see how much I love milk paint.  It is its own animal in a lot of ways-you get subtle streaks of different pigments and the best part: it distresses how it wants.  Granted, there are ways to prep a piece and bonding agents […]

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The Godfrey

  Seven months ago, a client contacted me about a piece of furniture she had that she was unable to sell on Craigslist.  I have yet to see another piece quite like it, and believe me, I spent many hours turned into nights searching to find something remotely close to this piece.  I sought antique […]

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The Rugnold

A late night discussion once happened where we unearthed the names of my husband’s great aunt’s name, Rugnold.  No one dared name their daughter after her, but I knew I could at least name the right kind of piece after her-the name was just too good, too strong to pass by. I happened upon this […]

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